Road infrastructure solutions

With the aid of Visimind’s services and technology, you will be able to quickly produce a current map of your assets. Your organisation will be able to avoid preconceptions and misinterpretations.

With the exact coordinates, images and measurements your information system will be much more accurate. You will be able to discuss, control and communicate more efficiently and budget and plan more effectively.

What we offer?

We gather information about road lanes from moving vehicles or helicopters. This can be done at any time of the year for any road class. This includes areas that are heavily used by vehicles and pedestrians.

We can update your GIS information and provide data regarding traffic safety, road signs, bus stops, kerbs etc. Visimind’s technology gives you the exact position of any asset you wish to map or monitor.

You can associate specific data with any asset. During positioning your assets are catalogued and linked to the information on your GIS.

By viewing your asset from your office you will be able to avoid unnecessary field trips. Simply revisit your locations from your desktop and retrieve the information as and when you need it.

Your inventories will be less time-consuming and more efficient, and since Visimind’s services do not interrupt traffic, we can capture information on highways and heavily trafficked roads during peak hours.

You will also benefit from clearer communication. Are you talking about the same asset or location? Are you having problems interpreting second-hand information? Visimind solves these uncertainties by supplying precise positions, image sequences and 3D models of any object you need to discuss.

Experts from different fields can make their own analyses from the same images. The collected data can be accessed from any of your organisation’s computers via the internet.

Laser scanning is performed simultaneously with other data collection. The resulting laser-scanned 3D models will allow you to accurately calculate distance, height, surface area and volume.

You will be able to get more detail. Since you will be in a static, office environment and not in a vehicle, you will be able have more time to thoroughly review and evaluate the images at hand. This will also allow more people to have access to the images and assess and remedy potential problems quickly and effectively.

Outsourced work can also be controlled from the office. Visimind’s data gives you an objective image of the job location, enabling an accurate assessment of the job’s progress and conformity to specifications. Discussions between you and the contractor can be held in front of a monitor and you can call up an image from any time in the project’s history.

Investing for the future. The data we supply has coordinates that will be compatible with any future systems that will require absolute precision.

Visimind offers:

A major advantage of Visimind’s services is that field work is reduced to a minimum by giving employees access to the site from the office through our client-server technology. This solution can also reduce business costs.

If you need any of our services, we will prepare an offer specifically designed for your business.

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