PLCT details

The PLCT is designed to help in the field when working with power lines and distances:

PLCT view

The solution consists of the:

PLCT laser image

The solution is packed into a rugged bag and is easy to transport and mount in the field. You can choose to have it on your back using backpack or carry it in your hand with a pistol like grip.

PLCT backpack image

After putting the Lidar unit on the backpack, you attach a rechargeable battery and switch the Lidar unit on. It will immediately spin up and transmit data by WIFI to the tablet computer. On the tablet computer that runs windows the PLCT application will show the Lidar data in real time.

The PLCT software will automatically find the power line cables and in real time show you the distance to the closest vegetation and mark any vegetation which is too close according to your settings. At any time can you also freeze the view and make your own measurements. This way you can easily check whether buildings in the right of way are an infringement or not.

PLCT screen view

If you see something that you want to report. The software creates a report. As there is GPS unit attached the report will be geotagged

PLCT export report

With the backpack you walk along the line and check locations where vegetation is too close. The Lidar data can also be recorded for analysis later in the office. The PLCT runs on rechargeable batteries for all day operations. The tablet runs under Windows operating system, and you can also install other applications there.

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