Surround sensors

The surround sensors all have 360 degree field of view horizontally and from 20-40 degrees vertical field of view. The puck, puck hires and puck lite have a vertical resolution which is the same for the whole field of view, while the remaining Lidars have more lasers focused around the horizontal plane. Other than that there are individual differences in mostly range and how many lasers that are used. With more lasers the Lidar unit produces more measurements per second. All Velodyne Lidars can generate dual return which aids the possibility to achieve penetration of forests and similar objects. The HDL-32E is an older sensor but a true work horse and is a great choice for mapping with its high accuracy.

Puck / VLP-16

Our most popular 16-channel sensor for many applications

Vertical FoV Range Points per second
30° ~100m ~300 000

Puck LITE™

Lightweight 16-channel Lidar best for UAVs

Vertical FoV Range Points per second
30° ~100m ~300 000

Puck Hi-Res™

16-channel Lidar offering dense point cloud at greater distances

Vertical FoV Range Points per second
20° ~100m ~300 000

Ultra Puck™

32-channel sensor with long range

Vertical FoV Range Points per second
40° ~200m ~600 000

Alpha Prime™

Most advanced 128-channel sensor with best mapping range

Vertical FoV Range Points per second
40° ~300m ~2 400 000


Precise 32-channel sensor with rotating head

Vertical FoV Range Points per second
41,33° ~100m ~695 000

Compare the sensors

The table below shows quickly the performance of the different surround sensors and how they compare to each other regarding resolution and range. Contact us and we can help you to select the right Lidar for your application.

Click to see table with comparasion of sensors

img_Puck img_ultra_puck img_alpha_prime img_hdl32
Puck / lite / hi-res Ultra Puck Alpha Prime HDL32
Range 100m 200m 300m 100m
Range Accuracy Up to ±3cm Up to ±3cm Up to ±3cm Up to ±2cm
# Lines 16 32 128 32
Vertical Resolution 2.0° 0.33°(min) 0.11°(min) 1.33°
Vertical FoV 30°/20° 40° 40° 41.33°
Horizontal FoV 360° 360° 360° 360°
Horizontal Resolution 0.1°-0.4° 0.1°-0.4° 0.1°-0.4° 0.1°-0.4°
Points per Second
(Dual Return Mode)
~600,000 ~1,200,000 ~4,800,000 ~1,390,000
Weight ~830/590g ~925g ~3.5kg 1.0kg
Ideal Use
Price Performance Options
  • Mapping where price and light weight are essential
  • Robot navigation
  • Medium range mapping
  • High point density
  • ADAS applications
  • Long range mapping
  • Very high point density
  • Normal range mapping
  • Medium laser point density
  • The best accuracy of any Velodyne Lidar
  • Classic work horse
  • The whole head rotates which can be useful to get rid of water

Solid state sensors

Velarray and Velabit are Velodyne’s solid state sensor. The M1600 is a precise near field sensor while the H800 is the optimal long range Lidar for ADAS applications. Velabit is the next generation of midrange sensors, designed to be small and versatile with a high vertical field field of view. Its also designed to be “stackable” so you can mount many to fit the field of view of your liking.


Velarray M1600

Precise near-field mapping and obstacle avoidance for robotic and autonomous applications

FoV (HxV) Range Scanning lines
120°x32° 0.1-30m 64-160


Velarray H800

High resolution mapping and object classification for ADAS. ISO-26262: 2018 ASIL-B Compliant

FoV (HxV) Range Scanning lines
120°x16° 0.1-200m 32-80

Upcoming 2023


The smallest and low-cost Lidar to be embedded within autonomous vehicles, robots, UAVs, AMRs

FoV (HxV) Range Scanning lines
90°x70° 0.1-100m n/a

About Visimind

Visimind is the primary distributor for Velodyne Lidar in EMEA region as well as the sole and authorized reseller for all Velodyne Lidar in Scandinavia, Poland and Baltic countries.

We normally stock almost all surround sensors for quick deliveries in one-two business days with attractive prices. We also have demonstration units so you can try a Velodyne Lidar for purchase.

How we work

If you are interested in Velodyne Lidars we typically setup a video meeting where we introduce Velodyne, we make a live demonstration and we try to understand your application depending on the details you can share.


12 months warranty effective from the day of the purchase. Free shipping from client to Visimind and from Visimind to Velodyne service in US if the repair is covered by the warranty.

Duties, taxes, VAT

Visimind takes care of all import duties, custom clearance and administration. All shipment goes from our stock in Sweden. Customers within EU countries are invoiced without VAT.


We offer free support on phone and email, so just contact us and we will help you also with simple things like manuals and software.

Visimind system: Ultra PuckTM

Colored with three 15 megapixel cameras, mounted on a moving car

Visimind system: Ultra PuckTM

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