Visimind Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Visimind AB was founded in 1997 as a continuation of research conducted at the Royal University of Technology in Stockholm. The scientific work focused on technology MMT (Mobile Mapping Technology), automated measurement methods and infrastructure inventory system based on GIS and numerical analysis of digital images. The results of the project were awarded in 1998 at the Congress of ISPRS International Symposium on Real-Time Imaging and Dynamic Analysis of the Hakodate (Japan) Award Young Author Award.

Visimind Group provides services for Scandinavian market from base located in Sweden i.e. Visimind AB, in Central Europe by Visimind Ltd located in Poland and for the South Europe by Visimind srl located in Italy. Currently growing market in Latin America is supervised by headquarter in Sweden.

With our own developed cost efficient hi-tech technology and services we provide all owners of power lines, gas and oil pipes and roads with information regarding status of utility and its surrounding.

Our statement is:

To detects risks, to monitor and to document utility infrastructure in one mission (fly)

Our vision is to be the best supplier in Europe of georeferenced data and information regarding utilities such as power lines, gas, railways and roads.

Our strategy is to develop and maintain long-term customer relations. We are committed to providing and continuously enhancing, an excellent level of quality and customer satisfaction throughout all our activities and performance.

Visimind mission statement is:

“Get the picture” – to deliver the image of reality, to bring the current status of the utility from the field in to the office, to help to make better and safer decision