System and integrations

Visimind is the reseller of the Velodyne Lidar products. We can also offer integration services; custom development and an integrated sensor system which consists of a pod with the following hardware:

  • GPS/IMU (RTK or postprocessing)
  • High-resolution camera
  • Velodyne Ultra puck

The pod is a part of an automated drone inspection system and the project is partly funded by EU.


Tree cutter

Real time system supporting tree cut in the specified area near the powerlines.

DJI Drones

Visimind is the official reseller of the DJI drones. Contact our specialist, who will help you choose the best fitting model!


Visimind’s best technology for UAV/Drona data acuiqsition. Contact our specialist, who will help you choose the best fitting model!


Pedestrian LiDAR control tool

Tree cut verification tool with real time distance to powerlines measurements.


CCTV and LiDAR monitoring system

The security system is an innovative approach to monitoring strategic areas of the environment and increasing active security control.
It is a modern solution that complements the existing or planned video monitoring system with laser scanning of the environment.



Great tool for distributed teams to perform inspections, picture, map information and point cloud data integration and GIS elaboration. Might be also expanded with Asset Data Manager Module.


Powerfull GIS solution for data analysis. Lot of customizable modules options


Visimind has a long history and a lot of experience integrating our software with other solutions available on the market. Our software was successfully integrated with applications like ArcGIS, QGIS, PLS-CADD, Apator-Rector, Netlin, MapInfo and many others. Visimind creates it’s own software and is very flexible and open for the integrations.



We create the network infrastructure for the client, starting from the selection and installation of cables and network sockets to the configuration of network switches, routers, firewalls and servers.
We modernize existing solutions and adapt to new requirements.
We build parallel SAN networks tailored to the needs and expectations of the client, including the configuration of equipment at the edge of the network..


Visimind has a lot of experience working with BigData. Our process requires fast network and vast amount of storage. Visimind shares many years of practice selling cloud storage space with surprisingly good value for money.


If you would like to know more, please contact us!