Visimind company provides customers with dedicated software (3D Inspection DPM), which is used to create documentation of the infrastructure, based on data supplied by our company. The program enables the visualization and processing of collections of acquired photogrammetric and remote sensing elaboration methods (laser scanning). We are open to the needs of our customers, we strive to meet their expectations and develop software in accordance with market expectations.

Main features:

  • presentation of photogrammetric images in 2D and 3D
  • presentation of data obtained from laser scanning technology
  • presentation of the results of the inspection infrastructure
  • Coordinate measurement, description of objects in the picture virtual drive / fly the route visualized
  • Integration with a map of area photos digital orthophotomaps
  • Search of objects according to given attributes
  • export data for documentation purposes
  • Coordinate transformation
  • presentation of the material obtained in infrared technology
  • presentation and editing of digital vector maps in a database format, ESRI Shape
  • presentation of digital raster maps
  • the possibility of laser digitizing
  • the possibility of exercise, write, print, and export profiles of longitudinal and transverse
  • classification of laser point cloud data
  • coordinate and distance measurements in the laser data and photos of stereographic
  • collision detection of objects in a given search radius
  • correlation between the model objects acquired by laser and photo materials, and vice versa
  • presentation of the results of the inspection infrastructure
  • a description of the objects in your photos
  • Search of objects according to given attributes
  • Coordinate transformation in Poland between the applicable systems and geodetic coordinate system WGS-84 It is impossible to mention all the functionality in DPM 3D Inspection. We strive to continuously develop and improve the available functionality.

You are welcome to use our services, we will prepare an offer specifically for your business.

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