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Surveying and Lidar integrated tools

Visimind is successfully using lidar technology in several types of applications, for example in their products PLCT, E Cutter and mDAM. PLCT is a tool for real-time control of vegetation infringement. In a recent customer integration in France, PLCT is being used in the field to detect places where vegetation is in dangerous proximity to power lines. Lidar data from the Puck combined with Visimind’s software enables this tracking in real-time. Utilizing the Ultra Puck, E Cutter is a pruning machine that provides the operator efficient, precise, real-time control under power lines. The mDAM mapping system uses both Ultra Puck and Alpha Prime sensors mounted on a drone, car, helicopter or similar vehicle to create detailed surface maps of accessible and less accessible terrain. Visimind’s integrative solutions in mapping for the energy industry are enabling increased public safety in that sector.

Visimind is an expert and leading provider in airborne mapping of power lines and portable solutions for major European energy distribution. Visimind offers a line of products that enable better control of infringements, proper vegetation maintenance and complete mapping of power lines. Visimind’s solutions, powered by high-precision inertial measurement units (IMUs) from OxTS and sensors from Velodyne, including Puck, Ultra Puck and Alpha Prime, contribute to increased public safety by securing precise information to energy distribution companies.


E Cutter is system for Realtime control of the corridor width while pruning vegetation under power lines. It helps the operator to prune exactly the corridor of the right way, nor more not less. This way efficiency and correctness in increased as the operator can stay in his machine and focus on vegetation punning.

Visimind’s E-Cutter, a pruning machine that provides the operator efficient, precise, real-time control under power lines, using Velodyne Lidar’s Ultra Puck sensor.

Closeup of Veloydne Lidar’s Ultra Puck lidar sensor on E Cutter by Visimind.

PLCT – Wearable mobile mapping solution

Visimind’s PLCT, a backpack system for real-time control and measurements of vegetation close to power lines, using Velodyne Lidar’s Puck sensor.

PLCT this is a backpack system for Realtime control and measurements of vegetation close to power lines. With a Velodyne Lidar unit on your back and a tablet with our software in your hands you can easily and accurately check that vegetation close to your power line is pruned as it should be.

DAM – Airborne Mapping with Velodyne Lidar

Visimind has integrated both the Ultra Puck and Alpha Prime into a pod that can be mounted on helicopters using certified mounts. The Lidars are integrated with INS and cameras to generate an airborne mapping system. These systems include also software for processing and generation of point clouds. The data acquired can be stored and viewed in Visimind’s webtool webDPM or used in other mapping software in LAS format.
Typically, one to four cameras are integrated together with the Lidar in the pod and configured for oblique or ortograhic views. The Alpha prime Lidar has a range of up to 300 m and the typical altitude for mapping is 50-150 m. With the software package this pos is complete and ready for corridor mapping with colorized point cloud, ortophoto and oblique images.

Inertial Navigation Units

The Velodyne Lidar outputs a 3D point cloud in the laser coordinate system for every 360-degree rotation. These are coordinates without any connection to a map or a global frame. To generate a point cloud, you need to merge the frames and assign global map coordinates to each laser measurement. Also, the inertial data will support the processing to find the correct position where there are GNSS shadows. Direct georeferencing will always give the position and orientation of the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) so additionally a complete system must be able to find the difference in location and orientation between the IMU and the Lidar. This is the so-called boresight calibration.

OxTS xNAV650

Survey+ v3

xOEM v3


OxTS offer a range of software for a complete point cloud generation system.


NAVsuite is OxTS’ complimentary software toolbox. The application available within NAVsuite give surveyors the ability to configure, monitor, post-process and analyse the data from their OxTS INS.

OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

OxTS Georeferencer is a software tool developed by OxTS to combine INS navigtion data with raw LiDAR data. Together with the boresighting calibration tool you can create a high accuracy point cloud.