Energia ed impianti elettrici

Visimind offers work on documentation and inspection of electricity infrastructure, including inter alia, assessing the state of poles, lines, insulators, transformers and other equipment.

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Infrastrutture stradali

Visimind solution for road facilitates the planning, maintenance and upgrading of roads, ensuring road safety. Visimind compiles an inventory and measurement of road infrastructure without disrupting traffic.

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Città ed edifici

Visimind provides services in urban areas for documentation. Our solutions are used in the process of urban development planning, the inventory of buildings and objects of historical interest. The data can also serve as a contribution to the creation of noise maps.

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Extracted Visimind footage, orthophotomaps and LIDAR-data provide a comprehensive and accurate information about the topography of the natural environment. This information is used for conducting water, forest management and R&D purposes.

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Visimind’s method allows to assess the technical state of railway infrastructure. The presentation is implemented in a dedicated 3D program DPM Inspection legibly and quickly. Data from multiple sources are integrated in a single environment, and thanks so obtained synergies, information infrastructure is more complex and accessible.

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Application Methods Visimind allows for simultaneous analysis of information about technical condition of the network and the location of objects. Full functionality is achieved through the integration of the numerical model of land surface, stereographic images and detailed, and infrared imagery from the ortho-photo-mapping, situational vector maps, cadastral and thematic issues.

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Sviluppo software

Visimind company provides customers with dedicated software (3D Inspection DPM), which is used to create documentation of the infrastructure, based on data supplied by our company. The program enables the visualization and processing of collections of acquired photogrammetric and remote sensing elaboration methods (laser scanning). We are open to the needs of our customers, we strive to meet their expectations and develop software in accordance with market expectations.

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