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Real-time proactive analytics at your fingertips

Discover the power of lidar and software working together to provide you with real-time, on-demand traffic data to maximize efficiency and improve safety to save lives.


Collect data in any lighting or weather conditions.


On-board AI classifies your data between
vehicles, pedestrians and bikes.


Single-sensor solution to cover whole intersection.


Powered by LTE/5G, Explorer delivers real-time access to your data.

Privary Protected

No privacy concerns

Real-time, multimodal traffic analytics

BlueCity combines lidar technology with perception software and AI to detect and identify vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians with pinpoint accuracy in real-time.

The most advanced traffic analytics

Count and speed analytics

BlueCity processes raw traffic data and transforms it into valuable metrics

  • Count of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, and buses
  • Count of road users per direction and approach
  • Speed Analytics per road users and per approach
  • Crosswalk occupancy approach

Safety and conflict analytics

BlueCity analytics platform provides detailed safety and conflict analytics and essential data for cities to improve road safety and achieve Zero Vision goals

  • Number of near misses
  • Detection of red-light runners
  • Pedestrian crossing time estimation
  • Time-to-collision Analysis
  • Illegal turning movement detection

Automated traffic signal performance measures

BlueCity is the only analytics platform to provide cities with a suite of signal performance measures to support and optimize traffic operations, including:

  • Occupancy ratio
  • Green allocation
  • Phase interval
  • Split failures
  • Split trends
  • Simple approach delay
  • Arrival patterns
  • Purdue coordination diagram

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