Aspiration of Visimind Company is to provide high quality services that meet the expectations and needs of our customers, in accordance with applicable standards. It is important for us to constantly improve the quality of services offered, as well as ensuring the security of acquired and stored information. The way to achieve this is defined quality control process.
Plan quality assurance is always an important part of our ongoing tasks and is implemented in the whole process of the project. It allows full oversight of the issue at any stage of the project life.
Procedures for quality assurance and control are treated as a very important element of the services offered by our company. We use the procedures of QA / QC based on existing international standards of quality geographic information, significantly contributes to the quality of our products.

Quality control in Visimind Company is a continuous process, divided into steps of checking:
• completeness
• validation
• physical and logical consistency
• integrity
• precision measurement